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Tuesday, July 28 2009
8:00 PM

The Troubadour
Los Angeles, CA, US

With Our Lady Peace
Age Limit: 21+
Details: VIP ticket includes and autographed copy of the new Our Lady Peace CD Burn Burn.

Tuesday, August 11 2009

6:00 PM

New Brighton Park “Rock T…
Vancouver, BC, CA

With Pancho and Sal
Age Limit: All Ages Tickets: Free
Details: Enjoy FREE musical performances at New Brighton Park. Bring your picnic basket, the family and walk down for Rockin ‘ the Port! North West Corner or New Brighton Park, N Windermere St, Vancouver, BC

Friday, September 25 2009
8:00 PM

St Augustine’s Pub
2360 Commercial Dr
Vancouver, BC, CA

Age Limit: All Ages

Long time listener, first time caller

Everytime I feel like giving up and like I have nothing good to say, I get a nice encouraging message inspiring to carry on.

Soooo Yeah It is 3 in the morning and I frequently spend my nights into the early morning thinking, reading, writing and whatever trying to sort out the millions of thoughts that go through my head in these quiet hours; that is when my work schedual allows :D…I started reading your blog and just realized what a genuine, humble and honest person you are. I had to say how much I admire your dedication and hard work, it’s truly inspirational 🙂 I am an extremely shy person as well, although at times it doesn’t seem that way due to the fact that when I am comfortable I talk way too much and can be very loud lol. My point being that listening to your music and reading your blog put the rare smile on my face that only emerges when I discover that another person in this lovely superficial city of LA is an actual human with a soul ha ha!

Thank you for making my evening/morning 😛

How could I give up after hearing somethin like that?

Thank you, anonymous listener…


A friend of mine named Shane Cook is taking some music biz classes and asked for my opinion on a few things. Bet he regrets that decision! 😉

As someone who has been both on a record label, and produced records independently, what are some misconceptions aspiring artists may have about signing with a label?

That it’s a good idea. It is not.

The only time/reason/situation people start thinking it is a good idea to sign with a label is AFTER the label has made enough money off of them that the artists feels like they’re starting to make some money too. If you’ve got a couple million in the bank because you’ve got yourself a hit, you probably aren’t scouring your label’s accounting records trying to find the millions they’ve squandered on your behalf. Now, you could argue, without those millions spent, you wouldn’t have that hit single! You may have a point there, however, most acts on a label these days DON’T get that “hit” and thus, are left in legal battles trying to figure out where all the money went (why are we eating dirt and they’re driving Bentleys?)

What advice might you give a talented musician struggling to get discovered?

Stop playing the music industry game and start caring about your fans like they are your family. They are. Or at least they will be, hopefully! Give them prizes, freebies, contests, advance listens, rare demos, free shirts…anything you got to show ’em how much you love ’em. They will only love you more and, everyone wins.

What are a few of the bigger financial and promotional challenges you’ve encountered while during your independence that you may not have encountered on a label?

Tour support is a big one. That said, many labels now expect a portion of performance fee and merch sales in exchange for tour support. I’d love to see what would happen if I spent a million dollars on marketing but I know that free internet work and word of mouth will achieve the same result (perhaps in more time, perhaps in less time, depending on the artist!).

What is the best part about having a record contract?

Other people who are not you doing stuff for you.

The worst?

Other people who are not you wrecking your life with their bad ideas because they’ll never be as invested in your life as you are.

What is the best part about being an independent musician?

Complete, utter honesty. Nothing is contrived, fake or pre-fabricated. You control your own destiny.

The hardest?

Finding the time. Most split the musical and promotional sides unevenly. In my case, I don’t create nearly as much as I used to.

Do you agree that record labels are becoming a thing of the past with all of the new production technology and networking tools?

I sure hope so! It’s a silly platform and a dying era. The sooner you realize that no one is going to save you, the more likely you are to have a team of people who actually LOVE you (and aren’t just getting paid to) helping you to fulfill your dreams.

Hate Is A Strong Word

I’m so pissed.

Not drunk, just uber angry. haha is that even english. What the hell did I just say.

I hate the music industry.

I fucking HAAAATE it.

There, I said it.

I LUCKILY, as luck would have it, have been fortunate enough to live the majority of my life off the map, out of the claws of these people. I don’t want you to make money off me. Stop coming to my shows. There, I said it.

😛 <--- ptttt!

One of those days

Today was one of those really, really cool days.

After last night’s show at Room 5, we decided to take it easy and sleep in. And I mean SLEEEEEEP INNNN. We were on our second round of getting up for water/bathroom break and then going back to bed when our producer friend Phil X gave us a call and said “Come swim in my pool!”

OK!!! 😀

For the first time in my sun-phobic life, I actually went in the sun without sunscreen on most of my body. I still rocked 50spf on my face and lower arms (which have been getting lots of sun and, as a result, sun has been sneaking through my regular daily application of 15spf) but I let the rest of me feel the hot hot heat sans screen. I LOVE the sun. I am not one of those people who “works on my tan” even though I LOVE sitting in the sun. The hotter, the better. That’s actually one of my favourite things about California…the heat. But, I’m actually very afraid of the sun (even though I love it), and worry constantly about my chances of getting cancer (there is a lot of it in the family). Anyway, it felt great and I was only out in hotness for about 10 minutes (I know, that’s long enough).

While we were hanging out in the pool/sun, Phil’s wife and her crew started rehearsing. It’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen…that total Cirque De Soleil hanging dangly biz, spinnin around and whatnot from great heights. Very cool to look over and see while you’re swimmin around!!!

Then we headed home so I could get ready for band practice with Kay Hanley from Letters to Cleo. When I was much younger, Letters to Cleo were on a few movie compilations I happened to own and thus, became a fan. Kay and her husband Michael are also responsible for most of the music in the Josie and the Pussycats movie. I learned my little vocal harmonies and casio keyboard part, threw on some make up and it was off to rehearse!

A psychic once told me I would work with people I only dreamed of working with but I consistently work with people I NEVER dreamed of working with (as in, I couldn’t even imagine some of this shit). Anyway, it was super cool to sit in on a band practice and sing with Kay Hanley, the voice of Letters to Cleo and Josie and the Pussycats for a tune 🙂

Now, we’re off to the Viper Room!

Why can’t all days be like this.

Random Me Fact of the Day: Although some may not perceive me as particularly girly, I constantly wrestle between having nails or, playing guitar 😉


A lil something about myself for the day:

I am incredibly shy.

I have always been incredibly shy.

I remember being hungry at my little brother’s hockey game once, and my mom said I could have anything I wanted, if I just went up and paid for it myself.

I stayed hungry until we got home.

Oh ya, I played a show tonight. How am I able to sing/perform in front of people, and yet I can barely speak to a crowd of more than 2? Even if at a house party, or in my living room, it is far more uncomfortable for me to play in what some might deem a way more comfortable setting (such as in my own home), then it is to play a random stage somewhere. I love small intimate shows but I HATE being at a party or something and someone handing me a guitar and saying “Hey play a song!” Normally I just flat our refuse. Too shy!!!

Bee For A Day

Today, I was a bee.

This is not a joke, and I have pictures (and video) to prove it.

Some friends of mine started this thing called ClickBee and if you’ve ever bought anything online, you have got to check them out. If you’ve never bought anything online, it’s time you started…it reduces emissions by 35%, saves you time and now, you get cash back every time you buy something.

Basically, anytime you buy anything online, you save money and get it back in the form of cash. So, every time you buy anything at all, from clothes to diapers to movies to books to guitar string to songs on iTunes, they send you a check in the mail.

It works on the same principle as Amazon except for that in Amazon’s case, they keep all the money. With these guys, you get it all back.

Some of the stores give you up to 25% back (some as much as 40%) and if you start switching to shopping online more and more, it’s crazy how much money you save. Also, it feels pretty good to get a check in the mail instead of a bill.

The best part, though, is all the stores you can save money at. They have over 2,000, everything from Best Buy, Target, Macy’s, iTunes, Guitar Center…the list just goes on and on. Imagine if everytime you went to buy a DVD, toilet paper, socks, music…anything at all, imagine getting up to 25% cash back.

Anyways, I really believe in these guys and not only did they build a great site that’s been saving us a ton of cash but they’re also great people too, with a tiny adorable daughter that I adore to bits. And, they let me be a bee for a day 🙂

Visit them at and enter this code to join for free:


The ClickBeeMobile!

Look! I’m a bee! 😀

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I got to go hiking!!!

Runyon Canyon…it only takes a few hours but it’s beautiful. You can see all of L.A. and it’s minutes away from Hollywood (another great tourist-y type adventure is the Best View In the City horseback trails…check em out if you’re ever in the area!!!)

After hiking we went to Real Food Daily, a place which is fast becoming on of my favourite vegan joints in the area. They have every dessert ever…but vegan!!! 😀

I drank 2 extremely dark and extremely tasty beers then strolled around Venice for the remainder of the eve. It’s fun to be a tourist 🙂

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