“Fall in Love With Me, Please”

Out now! Check out our new song “Fall in Love With Me, Please”

Bass make: Marc Jacob Hudson
Drums do: Atom Willard
Guitar bring: Billy the Kid
Recorded and Mixed by Marc Jacob Hudson at Rancho Recordo
Mastered by Jamie Sitar
Cover Photo: Bryce Mata
Cover Art: Isabell Strubell

Hospital Stop Motion Animation Video

This. This is what I’ve been able to make because of you.

Right before writing “Hospital” I remember thinking: What Am I Afraid of Saying?

What would be the worst thing that people could find out about me? The thing that I wished my clients, family and peers could never know?

My good friend Matthew Tee lost his life to suicide and I knew I had to do everything I could to make this video. Maybe if people knew that an estimated 703,000 people die by suicide worldwide each year, and that one in every 100 deaths (1.3%) in 2019 was the result of suicide, we could save some lives.
Maybe by now you’re thinking “well, you seem to be doing fine. You released Can You Find A Way in November, remixed and remastered Look At Me, I’m Fine and There Is Only Right Now, have a bunch of singles with Billy the Kid & Your Funeral ready to go and now…a stop motion animation music video!”

Maybe you got sick of hearing from me every day after the 7th or whatever 31 Songs project.

Maybe the past week you realized I went from making something/posting Every Day to almost Nothing for a week.

Except… I was making stuff the whole time.

I’ll always make things. I always have. It’s why I made two albums in my house and released them as *not* Billy the Kid. If a tree falls in the forest right beside me and no one heard my albums…I’d still make one every two years or so.

That’s the thing.

This whole month.

This whole year.

It’s been a year in the making.

All these things are on a list of Things I Want to Do Before I Die. I’ve always dreamed of making a stop motion animation video. I’ve dreamed of being able to make a music video for every song on an album. Just for fun. And like I keep saying, I have a job. I’ve been a full time music teacher for the past eight years. I’ve learned to live as cheap as humanely possible for my entire life so that I can continue to Make Art.

You being here means I get to make it well…way faster. and MORE. much more.

Thanks for listening/liking/sharing/commenting and most of all, contributing.

Day 30 – Don’t You Want Me – The Human League

Another 31 Songs first 🙂 Today we have two very special guests with us, Jeff from Cold Joys and Cult Therapy and Marc Jacob Hudson from Rancho Recordo. Thank you so very much for helping out with this one 🙂

And thank you to YOU, for being here, and making this possible 🥹

Day 25 of 31 Songs in 31 Days – Cruel Summer by Bananarama

One week left of 31 Songs in 31 Days. Wanted to share the fact that many of the endeavours I’ve been able to take on this year have been because of Patreon and… donations from people just like you.

That’s right. Sometimes people on here adjust their monthly amount, for no reason, just to be nice. Sometimes, someone will send me a donation via paypal, venmo or… I’ve even gotten a check in the mail!

So far this year I released the album Can You Find A Way, started making a stop motion animation video for the song Hospital, remixed and re-mastered two albums I made in my house in 2019 and 2021 (that will be released in the next few months) and paid multiple artists (still raising money to make art for the upcoming new singles), engineers, producers and musicians to help me Make Songs. One February 1st (my birthday) the first Billy the Kid and Your Funeral Single will be released (you can pre-save it here if you’re so inclined).

Don’t get me wrong…I have a job. But the salary of online music teacher (I have some openings right now by the way haha…check out this link if you’ve ever considered booking a piano, guitar, songwriting, voice or consulting session) can be a struggle, if I’m honest.

So if you’ve enjoyed being here, or supporting me over the years from afar, below are some links for the other posts if you’d like to check them out, and here are some other ways to make donations, buy me a coffee, pick up some merch…or just stream my music every night as you fall asleep…with the volume off 😂

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Thank you again for being here, supporting me, listening to the music, sharing, and just being nice and cool and awesome.

I sincerely love you so, so much.

Billy ❤️


I am so excited. The first single for the new Billy the Kid & Your Funeral album with Atom Willard and Marc Jacob Hudson will come out on Thursday, February 1st (MY BIRTHDAY!!!).

Pre-save it here, if you are so inclined: 


Here is a special advance sneak preview for my special people on Patreon 🥰


Day 20 of 31 Songs in 31 Days

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