Day 25 of 31 Songs in 31 Days – Cruel Summer by Bananarama

One week left of 31 Songs in 31 Days. Wanted to share the fact that many of the endeavours I’ve been able to take on this year have been because of Patreon and… donations from people just like you.

That’s right. Sometimes people on here adjust their monthly amount, for no reason, just to be nice. Sometimes, someone will send me a donation via paypal, venmo or… I’ve even gotten a check in the mail!

So far this year I released the album Can You Find A Way, started making a stop motion animation video for the song Hospital, remixed and re-mastered two albums I made in my house in 2019 and 2021 (that will be released in the next few months) and paid multiple artists (still raising money to make art for the upcoming new singles), engineers, producers and musicians to help me Make Songs. One February 1st (my birthday) the first Billy the Kid and Your Funeral Single will be released (you can pre-save it here if you’re so inclined).

Don’t get me wrong…I have a job. But the salary of online music teacher (I have some openings right now by the way haha…check out this link if you’ve ever considered booking a piano, guitar, songwriting, voice or consulting session) can be a struggle, if I’m honest.

So if you’ve enjoyed being here, or supporting me over the years from afar, below are some links for the other posts if you’d like to check them out, and here are some other ways to make donations, buy me a coffee, pick up some merch…or just stream my music every night as you fall asleep…with the volume off πŸ˜‚

Day 1 – So Long, It’s Been Fun by Billy the Kid (that’s me):

Day 2 – Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift:

Day 3 – Lori Meyers by NOFX:

Day 4 – As It Was by Harry Styles:

Day 5 – Kyoto by Phoebe Bridgers:

Day 6 – Anti-Hero by Taylor Swift:

Day 7 – Good Enough by Billy the Kid (that’s me):

Day 8 – Don’t Change by INXS:

Day 9 – Labyrinth by Taylor Swift:

Day 10 – Rise Up by Andra Day:

Day 11 – Ceilings by Lizzie McAlpine:

Day 12 – Love Story by Taylor Swift:

Day 13 – Melt with You by Modern English:

Day 14 – Mixed Tape by me: 

Day 15 – Delicate by Taylor Swift: 

Day 16 – You Send Me by Sam Cooke: 

Day 17 – Style by Taylor Swift: 

Day 18– Lost Together by Blue Rodeo:

Day 19 – You, Dear by Eloise: 

Day 20 – Shout by Tears for Fears: 

Day 21 – Straight Up by Paula Abdul: 

Day 22 – I Need You by Dan Bern: 

Day 23 – A Place of Her Own by the Midnight: 

Day 24 – Better Now by Post Malone: 

Day 25 – Cruel Summer by Bananarama:

One more time: Here is the place to make a donation, buy something, stream something, or spread the word (that helps too!!!!!!):

Thank you again for being here, supporting me, listening to the music, sharing, and just being nice and cool and awesome.

I sincerely love you so, so much.

Billy ❀️


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